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The Wellness Sanctuary is a Wellness Focused, Center for Natural Restorative Therapies.
Check out our Behavioral Health Options for Individuals, Couples and Families.

Behavioral Health Counseling








According to The Behavioral Analysis Certification Board,  Clinical behavior analysis is "the application of the conceptual and methodological tools of behavior analysis to treat problems that have traditionally been characterized as mental disorders. Common problems addressed through clinical behavior analysis include depression, anxiety, stress, relationship discord, substance misuse, chronic pain, disruptive behavior, impulsivity, inattention, tic disorders, and sleep disturbance, among others. Interventions involve understanding clients’ thoughts, feelings, and actions—all of which are viewed as behavior that must be understood in context. Common modalities and forms of clinical behavior analysis include acceptance and commitment therapy, behavioral activation, community reinforcement, contingency management interventions, dialectical behavior therapy, integrative behavioral couples therapy, etc. Clinical Behavior Analysis can help you feel more "functional" and "apart" of the world around you. 

At the Wellness Sanctuary, we offer Behavior Intervention for 

  • Grief and Loss

  • Postpartum Support

  • Restoring the Family Unit

  • Faith-Based Spiritual Counseling

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy 

  • Behavior Interventions for Codependency

  • Anxiety Management for Trauma, Panic and PTSD

  • Integrative Behavioral Couples and Family Therapy

Christian Counseling













Sometimes you just need someone to talk to. Incorporating Faith and Counseling might be the help you seek and bring clarity to some of the unanswered questions you are having about life, career, relationships, family and your walk with God. Spiritual pain is a deep hurt that can make you feel drained, depleted, stuck, misdirected, unfocused and thrown off track; disappointment by others can carry the same weight. At The Wellness Sanctuary, we provide spiritual support, through a Christian lens, that might shed some light to the grey area you're wanting to break free of.

Behavioral Relationship Therapy





Unlike traditional Couples Counseling or Marriage and Family Therapy, Integrative Behavioral Couple Therapy (IBCT) is the application of Behavioral Methods to modify behaviors or create change in unhealthy interpersonal relationships. It is a dynamic tool for families, couples, relationships. Even singles can benefit from IBCT! Behavioral Relationship Therapy is a 6-8 Week Commitment that requires all parties to be in participation. WE DO NOT ACCEPT HEALTH INSURANCE FOR THIS SERVICE 

Common issues within the family unit

  • Financial challenges

  • Pride, envy or jealousy

  • Lack of communication

  • Trust, truth and patience

  • Infidelity & "emotional cheating"

  • Feeling unheard, misunderstood or unseen

  • Emotional, verbal, physical, or psychological abuse

  • Being the "black sheep" or the "different" one in the family

  • Moving away from a dysfunctional family to follow your own path


Anxiety Management




Certified Anxiety Specialist Tiana Allen will take you through a series of sessions using the Acceptance and Commitment approach to Behavioral Analysis that might help you therapeutically learn self-healing and go from

Anxiety, Trauma and Emotional pain to Post Traumatic Growth.


Grief & Loss Recovery











Grief and Loss Educator Tiana Allen will guide you through a series of sessions

using the Acceptance and Commitment approach to Behavioral Analysis that are directed toward healing for loss.

We will explore various methods to incorporate in your daily life in order to assist you in discovering the other side of grief. Behavioral Health is offered virtually

Addictive Behaviors and Codependency











Decades of clinical research suggest that addictions can be viewed as operant behavior sensitive to its consequences. Behavioral approaches can prevent and treat the misuse of licit and illicit drugs such as alcohol, stimulants, opioids, nicotine, etc... and are associated psycho-social problems

Behavior therapies for codependents, families and adolescents of the addicted party require a "stay the course" and "absolute readiness" contingency management plan, under which desirable consequences are provided for objective evidence of abstinence.


Such Addictions we treat at The Wellness Sanctuary Include:

  • Codependency (People-Pleasing, Enabling or Love Addiction)

  • Surgery Addictions (Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, Injections, Body Modification & Alterations)

  • Alcohol & Drug Addiction (Must be in agreeance to join either a 28 day detox or 12 step support group)

Measuring and Marking
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